Source code for neoscore.interface.font_interface

from dataclasses import dataclass, field
from typing import Optional

from PyQt5 import QtGui

from neoscore.core import neoscore
from neoscore.core.rect import Rect
from neoscore.core.units import Unit
from neoscore.interface.qt.converters import qt_rect_to_rect

[docs]@dataclass(frozen=True) class FontInterface: """An interface for fonts, exposing some commonly used metadata.""" family_name: str size: Unit weight: Optional[int] italic: bool ascent: Unit = field(init=False) """The ascent of the font. The ascent is the vertical distance between the font baseline and the highest any font characters reach. """ descent: Unit = field(init=False) """The descent of the font. The ascent is the vertical distance between the font baseline and the lowest any font characters reach. """ x_height: Unit = field(init=False) """The x-height for the font. This is generally similar, if not identical, to the em size. """ qt_object: QtGui.QFont = field(init=False) _qt_font_info_object: QtGui.QFontInfo = field(init=False) _qt_font_metrics_object: QtGui.QFontMetricsF = field(init=False) def __post_init__(self): super().__setattr__( "qt_object", QtGui.QFont( self.family_name, # Float font sizes can't be set in QFont's constructor, # so set it to -1 (system default) here and set actual # size below with setPointSizeF -1, self.weight if self.weight is not None else -1, self.italic, ), ) self.qt_object.setPixelSize(round(self.size.base_value)) super().__setattr__("_qt_font_info_object", QtGui.QFontInfo(self.qt_object)) super().__setattr__( "_qt_font_metrics_object", QtGui.QFontMetricsF(self.qt_object, neoscore.app_interface.view), ) super().__setattr__("ascent", Unit(self._qt_font_metrics_object.ascent())) super().__setattr__("descent", Unit(self._qt_font_metrics_object.descent())) super().__setattr__("x_height", Unit(self._qt_font_metrics_object.xHeight()))
[docs] def bounding_rect_of(self, text: str) -> Rect: """Calculate the tight bounding rectangle around a string in this font.""" # Qt warns that tightBoundingRect is very slow on Windows. # Maybe horizontalAdvance can be used instead? return qt_rect_to_rect(self._qt_font_metrics_object.tightBoundingRect(text))