Source code for neoscore.western.ledger_line

from neoscore.core.has_music_font import HasMusicFont
from neoscore.core.path import Path
from neoscore.core.pen import Pen
from neoscore.core.point import PointDef
from neoscore.core.positioned_object import PositionedObject
from neoscore.core.units import ZERO, Unit

[docs]class LedgerLine(Path, HasMusicFont): """A staff ledger line. These are generated automatically by :obj:`.Chordrest` objects, but can be manually instantiated as well. """
[docs] def __init__(self, pos: PointDef, parent: PositionedObject, base_length: Unit): """ Args: pos: A position at the left edge of the notehead column. parent: This or one of its ancestors must implement :obj:`.HasMusicFont`. base_length: The of the notehead this line is related to. The real length will be this plus a small extension defined in the :obj:`.MusicFont`'s engraving defaults. """ Path.__init__(self, pos, parent=parent) font = self.music_font thickness = font.engraving_defaults["legerLineThickness"] self.pen = Pen(thickness=thickness) extension = font.engraving_defaults["legerLineExtension"] length = base_length + extension self.move_to(-extension, ZERO) self.line_to(length, ZERO)