Objects representing individual elements of Paths.

With the exception of CurveTo, each of these classes is just a bare PositionedObject.

class neoscore.core.path_element.PathElement[source]

Bases: PositionedObject

Superclass for all path element types

class neoscore.core.path_element.MoveTo[source]

Bases: PathElement

An element representing the start of a new subpath

class neoscore.core.path_element.LineTo[source]

Bases: PathElement

An element representing a straight line from the last path position

class neoscore.core.path_element.ControlPoint[source]

Bases: PathElement

An element used as a control point in bezier curves.

This element is not directly kept in Path.elements, instead being placed inside CurveTo elements.

class neoscore.core.path_element.CurveTo[source]

Bases: PathElement

__init__(pos: PointDef, parent: PositionedObject, control_1: ControlPoint, control_2: ControlPoint)[source]
  • pos – The position of the object relative to its parent

  • parent – The parent object.

  • control_1 – The curve’s first control point

  • control_2 – The curve’s second control point