class neoscore.western.metronome_mark.MetronomeMark[source]

Bases: PositionedObject, HasMusicFont

A combined MusicText and Text for use in metronome markings

__init__(pos: PointDef, parent: Optional[PositionedObject], music_str: MusicStringDef, text_str: str, music_font: Optional[MusicFont] = None, text_font: Optional[Font] = None, spaces_between_music_chars: bool = True)[source]
  • pos – Position relative to parent

  • parent – If no music_font is given, this or one of its ancestors must implement HasMusicFont.

  • music_str – The MusicText string portion of the mark. Glyphs should typically come from the relevant SMuFL range.

  • text_str – The plain-text string portion of the mark. This will typically be of the form “= 123”.

  • music_font – If provided, this overrides any music font found in the ancestor chain.

  • text_font – The font for the plain text portion of the mark.

  • spaces_between_music_chars – Whether to insert spaces between each specified music character. This is needed to correctly space rhythm dots if used.

property music_font: MusicFont

The music font used by this object.

property music_text_obj: MusicText
property plain_text_obj: Text