class neoscore.western.multi_staff_object.MultiStaffObject[source]

Bases: object

An object which spans several staves.

This is a mixin class for PositionedObject classes. Such PositionedObjects must have their highest staff also be their parent such that self.parent == self.highest.

__init__(staves: Union[StaffGroup, List[AbstractStaff]])[source]

staves – The staves this is associated with. If a raw list of staves is given, it must be in visually descending order.

property staves: List[AbstractStaff]

The staves this is associated with, given in descending order.

property highest: AbstractStaff

Shorthand for staves[0]

property lowest: AbstractStaff

Shorthand for staves[-1]

property vertical_span: Unit

The vertical distance covered by the staves.

This distance extends from the top line of the top staff to the bottom line of the bottom staff.

property center_y: Unit

The vertical center of the staves spanned.

This value is relative to the top of the highest staff.