class neoscore.western.tie.Tie[source]

Bases: Spanner, AbstractSlur

A tie, conventionally drawn between notes.

Note that this class currently provides no smart positioning logic to automatically attach to and span between noteheads in Chordrests.

For slurs, see Slur, which works identically to this class except that it is not constrainted to be horizontal.

__init__(pos: PointDef, parent: PositionedObject, end_x: Unit, end_parent: Optional[PositionedObject] = None, direction: DirectionY = DirectionY.UP, height: Optional[Unit] = None, arch_length: Optional[Unit] = None, font: Optional[MusicFont] = None, brush: Optional[BrushDef] = None, pen: Optional[PenDef] = None)[source]
  • pos – The starting point.

  • parent – The parent for the starting position. If no font is provided, this parent or one of its ancestors must implement HasStaffUnit.

  • end_x – The stopping point’s x value. The y value will be automatically set so the tie is horizontal.

  • direction – The vertical direction the slur arches.

  • height – The ascent or descent of the curve given in absolute value. If omitted, a reasonable default is derived from other properties.

  • arch_length – The x-offset of the outer ascent or descent curve control points. Smaller values give tighter arches. If omitted, a reasonable default is derived from other properties

  • font – If provided, this overrides any font found in the ancestor chain.

  • brush – The brush to fill shapes with.

  • pen – The pen to draw outlines with.